Lockdown 2.0 Update

Lockdown 2.0 Update

Since March 2020, the Players have been restricted, by government social distancing laws, from being able to rehearse and put on performances.
We remain hopeful that in 2021 these restrictions will be lifted and we can get back to entertain Aldermaston!

Unfortunately, we don’t anticipate sufficient lifting of restrictions for us to be able to put on our traditional Dinner/Theatre Evenings in February 2021.

Play: Don’t Dress for Dinner

Don't Dress for Dinner

Lockdown and Government social distancing rules prevented us from rehearsing and performing this play in September, it had been originally scheduled for Sept’19.

We have again rescheduled and are hopeful of performing it in September 2021.

Director Kerry hopes to use the same cast.

Players A.G.M.

The Aldermaston Players AGM was held in October as a virtual ZOOM Meeting. It was well attended with 20+ members. The committee was re-elected as were the co-Chairs, Cynthia Newman & Kim Antell, as well as the current officers.

The company made a profit on it’s activities, in 2019/20, but overall the year saw a small loss as the 2018/19 charitable donations were paid out from the accounts. The company is financially sound and able to donate to charity for 2019/20.

The AGM unanimously voted to start some interim virtual activities e.g. play reading.

Virtual Play Readings

Following the vote at the AGM we had our 1st Virtual Play Reading evening for members on Nov 17th 2020.

It was a success. 3 comedy sketches were read.

Those attending agreed to continue with these online meetings once or twice a month during the current lockdown.