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Aldermaston York Nativity Play

Pat Eastop - York Nativity PlayUnder the wonderful direction of Pat Eastop this company has performed every year since 1957. Sadly Pat past away in 2014, after directing annually for 57 years.

Pat chose as her successor Chris Boott, of Aldermaston Players, to succeed her as director so that the play would continue for future generations.

The play is performed by a troupe of Aldermaston villagers supplemented by players from other local villages. It tells the story of the first Christmas, using an adapted version of the 14th century York Mystery Cycle 6 plays about the nativity and is accompanied by an acapella choir singing 14th & 15th century music. The performances take place in the 12th century church of St Mary The Virgin, Aldermaston.

There are several familiar faces from The Players that that take part in the play each year.
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York Nativity Play