Aldermaston Players

1950s/60s Parish Hall Entertainments

There are photographs of theatricals in the village in the 1950’s and 1960’s. This photograph looks to have been taken in the Parish Hall and reappeared in the Memories Book produced by villagers fro the Millenium in 2000. This group were thought responsible for building a 6ft wooden apron stage which spanned the hall and also for the false proscenium 6ft out from the current stage. They can be seen in the photography.


Production in the Parish Hall from the 1950s.

In the 1990s the wooden apron stage was renovated by Chris Chapman who had to fabricate new supports from the one remaining one. This staging was replaced when the York Nativity Play purchased new staging which now doubles for the apron stage at the Parish Hall. In 2010, a new ‘front tab’ – the main curtain – was purchased which fits the false proscenium down to the apron stage – replicating the format of the 1950/60’s company.

Further evidence of this drama group was found in the Parish Hall. A lighting plot for what looks to be a musical revue including Gilbert & Sullivan songs. Bill Cox is mentioned. Bill was church warden and a leading light in the village. He played a shepherd and Joseph in the first decades of the York Nativity Play. he also played Abraham in the York Mystery play Abraham and Isaac when a really horse and cart was used for the pageant wagon.


Lighting notes found in a Parish Hall cupboard around in the 00’s.


In the Old Pharosian’s Association July 1995 Newsletter, for the alumni of the Dover Grammar School for Boys, there is an obituary for Major William Sangster Borthwick, GM, RE who lived in Baughurst near Aldermaston and was involved with the Aldermaston Players. This could have been either the York Nativity Play or one of the drama groups.