Aldermaston Players

The present day Aldermaston Players – 2011 and on

2011 Logo for Aldermaston Players

In September 2011, the Aldermaston Players were officially constituted with the remit to provide theatrical entertainment in and around the village of Aldermaston.

Originally based around the same group of friends that began the February productions in 1996 but now with the addition of new local talent. The committee was formed by 4 husband & wife pairs: Boott’s, Chapman’s, Goodchild’s & Newman’s.

This new troupe has widened it’s horizons to perform in other local venues and in other formats. In particular, evenings of plays in the autumn and summer outdoor performances at The Barn, Frouds Lane, Aldermaston.

One act Plays in November 2011
The stage at The Barn setup for Blues on the Meadow

The troupe maintains the ethos of providing high quality theatre and entertainment to further advance:

  • amateur theatre in the Aldermaston area
  • the members enjoyment and skills improvement
  • the company’s ability to put on future productions 
  • sharing of the excess profits to local causes and charities