Aldermaston Players

2013 Beyond a Joke

Venue: Parish Hall

Format: Dinner/Theatre

Director: Chris Boott assisted by Cynthia Newman

This light-hearted english comedy is set in the in a semi-rural  garden and house of a bank manager and his wife, Andrew and Jane. Unfortunate accidents have happen during their tenancy of the house leading them to believe that the house is stigmatised with bad luck.

Andrew and Jane have living with them their daughter, Sally, whose boyfriend, Geoff, visits regularly at weekends. It’s during one of these visits that Geoff learns of of some of the accidents … and draws the wrong conclusions! So a classic comedy twist of ‘mistaken identity’ ensues.

The confusion is further compounded by the introduction of new characters …  the arrival of Jane’s sister, Sarah; an introductory visit by the new local vicar; and Geoff’s parents, Edgar & Audrey. who pop in as thy are in the area.

This delightful british comedy has plenty of laughs and has been enjoyed by audience of amateur theatre all over the english speaking world.

It was first perfomed for the 1979 summer season at the Shanklin Theatre, Isle of Wight, openning on July 2nd by Newpalm Productions.  It starred Arthur Lowe, of Dad’s Army fame,  and his wife, Joan Cooper.

The comedy is written by Derek Benfield, a familiar face to British TV viewers as an actor in “Brothers” (1970s) and “Hetty Wainthropp Investigates” (1990s). more information on Derek Benfield





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Full cast at the 1st performance:

  •    Andrew …. ..   Arthur Lowe
  •    Jane     …….    Honor Shepherd
  •    Geoff    ……..   Peter Greene
  •    Sally     ……..  Annette Woollett
  •    Sarah   ……..  Joan Cooper
  •    Edgar   ……..  Brian Tully
  •    Audrey  …….. Jane Elliott


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