Aldermaston Players

2018 Diplomatic Relations

Diplomatic Relations

by Geoff Bamber

directed by Chris Boott

Performed on 5 nights in February 2018

Diplomatic Relations

The farce by Geoff Bamber, DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS, formed the entertainment for 2018’s Aldermaston Dinner Theatre evenings, at the Parish Hall.


Ambassador Miranda Carruthers is trying to make the most of her posting to a South American backwater. She’s expecting a diplomatic bigwig to celebrate the 150th anniversary of one of the local revolutions (the glorious one, apparently), but what she actually gets is a Foreign Office investigator, looking for evidence of extravagance. That and a corrupt politician trying to elope with her husband, the local security chief chasing her around her office and one of her husband’s previous liaisons turning-up with less clothing than is customary in diplomatic circles. And, oh yes, there’s an anarchist on the loose.

‘Diplomatic Relations’
A farce by Geoff Bamber

Drawers, knickers, slappers and clerks,
Innuendos and suggestive remarks,
Love affairs and sexual encounters,
Intruders, spies and government doubters.
The world of the Guaranguay diplomats,
Strutting around wearing various hats,
No doubt superfluous to the British crown
And in constant fear of being shut down.
A farce of sorts coloured by a Colonel Fegundez,
Possibly from near the American Andes.

Aldermaston Players
February 2018

CN 25.2.18

Cast (L to R): Cynthia Newman(Dorothy Huxtable), Chris Faulkner(Dennis Protheroe), Lesley Vought(Antonia Hadley), Darren Lock(Henry Bourne), Nigel Wilson(Col. Manuel Fegundez), Kim Antell(Miranda Carruthers), Nigel Antell(Hamish Carruthers), Paula Stenson(Willi Prinz), Tricia Goodchild(Lisa Guinsor), Karen Dignan(Kimberley Trent)
Programme (interactive)
2018 Diplomatic Relations Programme