Aldermaston Players

2020 Come On Jeeves

Come On Jeeves, Poster
Jeeves – Nigel Wilson

Come On, Jeeves

A farcical comedy in three acts
by P.G.Wodehouse and Guy Bolton

Director – Chris Boott

Come On Jeeves was the twentieth play script written by P.G.Wodehouse and Guy Bolton together. It was Guy Bolton who approached P.G. Wodehouse with the idea for the play. They created the play in the summer of 1952 and subsequently Wodehouse published the book of the story, in April 1953, under the title Ring for Jeeves. Finally, the play was produced for a tour in the summer of 1954.

Torch Lit Performance

Power-cuts across southern England, that were caused by storm ‘Dennis’, effected the 2nd half of one of the performances of Come On, Jeeves. But the spirit of the Blitz endured and the performance was completed in torch light, providing full value to our patrons, who all enjoyed the experience.


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