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Aldermaston Players are the local drama group for the village of Aldermaston in West Berkshire in the UK. We put on two productions a year. Our annual dinner theatre evenings are usually the last two weeks of February and help raise funds for other local organisations. Our second production each year currently alternates between an outdoor production in July and a play evening in October.

Diplomatic Relations by Geoff Bamber

 A Fete Worse Than Death A Fete Worse Than Death   A Fete Worse Than Death

This year's Aldermaston Dinner Theatre evenings, at the Parish Hall, is the farce by Geoff Bamber, DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS, as the entertainment.

Ambassador Miranda Carruthers is trying to make the most of her posting to a South American backwater. She's expecting a diplomatic bigwig to celebrate the 150th anniversary of one of the local revolutions (the glorious one, apparently), but what she actually gets is a Foreign Office investigator, looking for evidence of extravagance. That and a corrupt politician trying to elope with her husband, the local security chief chasing her around her office and one of her husband's previous liaisons turning-up with less clothing than is customary in diplomatic circles. And, oh yes, there's an anarchist on the loose.

"It was great fun, I enjoyed watching it! Anyone looking for a good night out, get your tickets."

"What a brilliant play, so funny. Who was the murderer? The only way to find out is to go and see the play. It is will worth it a good evening out with some good belly laughs. Well done Aldermaston players"

"This is a great, great laugh. It's better than anything on the TV on Friday and Saturday. Record Strictly and go watch this. "

"Wonderful "


Aldermaston Players LogoAldermaston Players, in their modern guise, are a troupe of players that come together to entertain those that want to visit the charming village of Aldermaston, in West Berkshire, for their theatrical experiences. The funds raised are used to improve our theatre equipment but more importantly fund other community projects within the village. Our main achievement is to help the Parish Hall raise £,000s towards a new heating system.
Since 1996 we have traditionally targeted the grey days of an English February for brightening up. Each year providing several evenings of Dinner/Theatre in the quaint and charming Parish Hall.
From 2011 we have produce other shows at different times of the year. In particularly, in mid-July, an outdoor summer production suitable for picnickers at the private venue "The Barn" Aldermaston.
Please take a look at our past shows to see what we've done and the list of future ventures provided on this page.
A troupe of players from Aldermaston has been in existence for many centuries and this tradition continues today. Today, the parish is able to boast 3 theatrical companies within it’s boundaries: Aldermaston Players, Aldermaston Nativity Play and the Boundary Players (who perform at AWE) .. not bad for a small population. 
Just discovered some programmes from a 1950/60's group called 'Aldermaston Court Dramatic Society' if anyone has further information we would be delighted to know more ... click here to email
  • 15 & 16 Nov 1956 - The Paragon
  • 1957? - Two Dozen Roses

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York Nativity Play - St Mary's, Aldermaston
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The Hinds Head, Aldermaston
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