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2018 Twists in the Tales

Twists in the Tales – an evening of three one act comedies about group relations, in particularly family relationships.


Neighbourhood Watch

by Liz Dobson

We are privy to the goings on at the Smeaton Neighbourhood Watch Committee at the home of Mrs Wilson-Smythe.The members of the Committee are upstanding and influential citizens who are all victims of a recent spate of burglaries in their prosperous, previously crime-free village. Their local police officer joins the meeting to address their concerns and ascertain the extent of their losses so as to begin investigation. As they recount their losses we discover not only the monetary value but also the touching sentimental value each piece has. But, of course, there is a twist…

Establishing Relationships

by David Craig Smith

John’s very excited to be bringing Stella home to meet his Mum and Dad, but he’s amazed by his Dad’s reaction. Dad wants John to give Stella up, straight away, but naturally John wants to know why… Until he finds out.

Mum’s The Word

by Damian Woods

David and Janet have money worries and reluctantly devise a plan to involve David’s Mum in their attempt to solve their difficulties. Cracks appear in their relationship as the plan gets out of hand with shocking results.


Kim Antell – Creative Director and director of the plays Neighbourhood Watch & Mum’s The Word.

Nigel WilsonEstablishing Relations

September 2018
Aldermaston Players 2018 Author meets Directors
Establishing Relations: Nigel Wilson(Director), David Craig Smith(Playwright) Kim Antell (Creative Director)
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2018 Twists in the Tales