Aldermaston Players

Theatre and entertainment for Aldermaston

  • 2017 - Music HallLast Updated On: 21/02/2017

    2017 Dinner/Theatre MUSIC HALL - full of songs and sketches

  • 2016 - Travels with my AuntLast Updated On: 04/06/2016

    Travels with my Aunt - adaption by Giles Havergal of Graham Greene's book

  • 2015 - The Shakespeare RevueLast Updated On: 09/03/2015

    4 level single set with piano behind low screen on stage. Word Cloud worked brilliantly.

  • 2014 - Treasure IslandLast Updated On: 09/03/2015

    2 act panto using existing flats and a new 7m roller backdrop for sea & sky. Brilliantly painted by Chris Newman

  • 2014 - Old Time Music HallLast Updated On: 09/03/2015

    3 act Music Hall with different back drops for each act. Cat walk around MD for 1st time.

  • 2013 - One Act PlaysLast Updated On: 17/11/2013

    A single room box set was used for two one act plays ... set dressing was key.

  • 2013 - Feb - Beyond a JokeLast Updated On: 17/11/2013

    A two 'room' set on the tiny 12ft x 12ft stage put together brilliantly by Chris C and his team.

  • 2012 - Jul - A Laughing MatterLast Updated On: 17/11/2013

    First time at 'The Barn'. Chris C created trucks to speed up scene changes.

  • 2012 - Feb - Oh, Coward!Last Updated On: 17/11/2013

    Two-level apron stage and keyboards on stage for this musical revue

  • 2011 - Nov - One Act PlaysLast Updated On: 17/11/2013

    Graham Jerome designed this effective dual set. The bricks were hand 'built' by Graham and his wife Caroline.

  • 2011 - Feb - The Red BarnLast Updated On: 17/11/2013

    New main tabs and scenes on rollers were used in making 7 different sets.

  • 2010 - Dry RotLast Updated On: 17/11/2013

    a landing & 6 doors on a 12ft x 12ft stage was the challenge set to the build team. Executed to perfection!

  • 2009 - PersonalsLast Updated On: 17/11/2013

    A black box stage with keyboards hidden on the set for this anarchic revue on dating.

  • 2008 - We'll Meet AgainLast Updated On: 17/11/2013

    A 1940's variety show where we utilised several layers of tabs for the first time

  • 2007 - Murdered to DeathLast Updated On: 17/11/2013

    Chris Chapman & his team built a new standard flats in 2' & 4' widths for this box set that utilised all the space we have!

  • 2006 - ColeLast Updated On: 17/11/2013

    Multi-level staging with the 'band' on stage. It was the 1st time we borrowed the Nativity plays UltraDeck platforms.

  • 2005 - Music HallLast Updated On: 17/11/2013

    Still using the 1996 flats in a traditional box format. Set painted by Chris & Tricia Goodchild.

  • 2004 - Cut & RunLast Updated On: 17/11/2013

    This was the 1st 'open' set design that utilised the whole depth of the stage.

  • 2002 - Just The TicketLast Updated On: 17/11/2013

    The 1996 flats were used to build this full box set with our 1st door!

  • 2000 - Music HallLast Updated On: 17/11/2013

    The flats built in 1996 were reused once again for a simple box set, but we reused 2 of the 1950s/60s platform apron stages.

  • 1997 - Valentine's EveningLast Updated On: 17/11/2013

    The second act set from 1996 was reused for this evening of songs & poetry.

  • 1996 - Music HallLast Updated On: 17/11/2013

    A simple box set painted by Nigel Wilson and built by Chris Chapman. The flats went on to last us for many years.