Aldermaston Players

Theatre and entertainment for Aldermaston

Something of a Mission Statement ...

The aim of the company has always been to provide quality theatrical entertainment. We want to using our skills, our talents, our enthusiasm and our efforts to provide our patrons with a good evening out. At the same time, if successful, raising funds to continue support of our goals and to making donations to local causes.

Fund Raising and Donations

Since 2011 we have continued to work with the Aldermaston Parish Hall Committee on Dinner/Theatre productions in the Parish Hall, equally sharing the profits from these very succesful events. We have also donated annually to the following other charitable organisations:
  • 2014/15 & 15/16 - Aldermaston C of E School PTA
  • 2013/14 - Aldermaston War Memorial (Lychgate at St. Marys church, Aldermaston)
  • 2012/13 - Daisy's Dream / Rainbow Rooms
  • 2011/12 - Aldermaston Nativity Play

From 1996 to 2011 we jointly produced, with the Parish Hall Management Committee, an annual dinner/theatre evening. The funds raised from these productions all went to Aldermaston’s Parish Hall, which has enabled them to raise sufficient funds to considerable refurbishment projects in 2012 & 2013..

In 1996 we also contributed to the organ renovation fund for the beautiful 12th century parish church of St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermaston.
In addition to distributing profits, the productions also were able to invest in enhanced theatrical facilities: 

for Aldermaston Parish Hall
- renovation of the 6ft apron staging, first built in the 1950’s/60’s. Later replaced by new staging from the Nativity Play
- stage lighting 
- new front tabs that will fit the 1950's/60's false proscenium
- core elements of scenery: flats, backclothes, curtains & masking, doorways, steps

for use at "The Barn"
- black acoustic backdrops to reduce reverberation of sound. Also used as masking.

for The Players
- a collection of costumes and props - including an Ostrich,tree stump, 2+1 men line-up & half-barrel!
- curtains & backdrops
- roller system for backclothes
Aldermaston Parish Hall was built in 1897, the ambience of this building, with it’s balcony’d gallery, is ideal for theatre and conjures up the feeling of the Music Hall in the style of “The Good Old Days”.  
In 1996 the temptation was too great to resist ... so a troupe of players once again trod the boards of the Parish Hall to entertain the folks of the Parish.
One of the fun aspects of turning the Parish Hall into a theatre & auditorium is the set building and creating a themed environment for the audience.

The Barn 'The Barn' was built by the owner, Neil Dignan, in 2011 for the one day blues festival - Blues on the Meadow.

It's been a real honour for the Players to be given the opportunity to turn this rustic building into a performance space.