Aldermaston Players

Theatre and entertainment for Aldermaston

The audience were served with a meal and a traditional Victorian/Edwardian MUSIC HALL comprising of songs, sketches and melodramas. The show was divided into 3 Parts with elements of the meal during the intervals between parts.

Music Hall - FinaleThere were 5 performances: Friday & Saturday nights across 2 weekends and the middle Thursday was just the show without the meal. 

The audiences really loved the evening, judging from how well they joined in, there smiles as they left and the generous comments. They had been encouraged to hiss, boo, heckle and sing-along which they did on every night!


Chorus Songs
- Climbing Over Rocky Mountains
- Happy Wanderer
- Don't Dilly Dally on the Way
Solo - Morning Promenade
Sketch - The Yokels
Solo - Under the Shade of the Old Apple Tree
Trio - The Molecatcher
Monlogue - Billy Bennett's "Thinking of You"
Solo - Pansy Faces


Melodrama - Penny for Bob
Solo - Bang went the Chance of a Lifetime
Melodrama - Jack the Dandy


Chorus Songs
- A Life on the Ocean Wave
- Around the World
- Rolling Down to Rio
Monologue - "Never Mind the Weather"
Solo - The Camel's Hump
Sand Dance
Sketch - La Plume de ma Tante
Monologue - Billy Bennett's "Mandalay"
Chorus Songs
- Show Me the Way to Go Home
- Take me Back to Dear Old Blighty
- Rule Britannia
- Land of Hope & Glory
- Old Bull & Bush

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Aldermaston Players Feb 2017 Music Hall