Aldermaston Players

Theatre and entertainment for Aldermaston

Churchill said "This was their finest hour". In turning the Parish Hall back 65yrs to celebrate the music and sketches of this special time in our nations recent history, Aldermaston Players brought to life the variety show of the time - the "Concert Party".
BBC's It's That Man Again (ITMA)
Patriotic songs, classic sketches and an episode of one of the great radio shows - ITMA. Bringing to new generations the humour of the time, the endearing melodies and a hint of some of the wonderful performers - Rob Wilton, Flanagan & Allen, Vera Lynn, Tommy Handley.

Photo GalleriesFor those members of the audience who remembered those days of war, the music and words transported them back to that special time in their lives and conjured memories, both sad and happy, and in some cases tears ...