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Pictorial History of the Aldermaston Players

Since 2005 Angela Frances Photography has provided high quality photographs of our shows, so we thought we'd bring the photos together into a gallery for easier browsing. Now, it does help that Ange is one of the 8 founding members and married to the Chairman!.

So please take a browse through the galleries below ...

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 Set Designs
  • 2017-A Fete worse than DeathLast Updated On: 24/09/2017

    Comedy play - A Fete Worse Than Death by Richard James, Directed by Kim Antell

  • 2017 - Music HallLast Updated On: 28/02/2017

    February 2017 - Edwardian Music Hall - sketches, melodramas and songs

  • 2016-Travels with my AuntLast Updated On: 25/01/2017

    An adaptation by Guy Havergal of Graham Green's Travels with my Aunt

  • 2015 - Shakespeare RevueLast Updated On: 09/03/2015

    A revue of sketches and songs gently lampooning Shakespeare and his plays

  • 2014 - Treasure IslandLast Updated On: 09/03/2015

    Picnic panto of the classic by Robert Louis Stephenson

  • 2014 - Music HallLast Updated On: 25/02/2014

    Music Hall supper evenings to celebrate the centenary of the start of the Great War.

  • 2013 - One Act PlaysLast Updated On: 01/03/2014

    Charity Begins, taken to Henley & Wallingford festivals, then with The Boundary at the Parish Hall

  • 2013 - Beyond A JokeLast Updated On: 18/11/2013

    A British comedy. by Derek Benfield, about the unluckiest house in Britain?

  • 2012 - A Laughing MatterLast Updated On: 16/12/2015

    A Laughing Matter by April De Angelis performed at the Barn, Aldermaston by Aldermaston Players

  • 2012 - Oh, Coward!Last Updated On: 18/11/2013

    A musical revue based on the words & music of Noel Coward.

  • 2011 - One Act PlaysLast Updated On: 16/12/2015

    Art by Yasmin Reza and Man's View by Derek Webb performed at Aldermaston Parish Hall by Aldermaston Players

  • 2011 - The Red BarnLast Updated On: 10/03/2015

    Classic melodrama subtitled The Murder of Maria Marten

  • 2010 - Dry RotLast Updated On: 10/03/2015

    One of the original Whitehall farces, originally starring Brian Rix

  • 2009 - PersonalsLast Updated On: 09/03/2015

    A musical revue that takes a satirical view of dating and relationships.

  • 2008 - We'll Meet AgainLast Updated On: 09/03/2015

    A variety show of songs and sketches from 1940-45 emulating an ENSA concert party.

  • 2007 - Murdered to DeathLast Updated On: 01/03/2014

    A whodunit spoof from the wonderful Pen of Peter Gordon

  • 2006 - COLELast Updated On: 11/11/2013

    COLE is a music revue telling the story of Cole Porter's life through his words and music.

  • 2005 - Old Time Music HallLast Updated On: 11/11/2013

    Old Time Music Hall: Another show of songs & sketches from days gone by

  • 2002 - Just The TicketLast Updated On: 10/11/2013

    Just The Ticket - a comedy by John Waterhouse. First straight play performed of the modern era.

  • 2000 - Old Time Music HallLast Updated On: 10/11/2013

    Old Time Music Hall - The good old days brought back to life in songs and sketches.

  • 1996 - Old Time Music HallLast Updated On: 10/11/2013

    Old Time Music Hall - this was the show that started it all.